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Tracy Burroughs

Have been using version 1 and just moved up to 2; also very disappointed with the lack of support for multiple passwords… and lack of support for requiring a password every time a file is opened.

My household has multiple family members, each with their own computer; own passwords. Axcrypt 2 works for that; however, everybody’s files are backed up to a shared drive, and replicated to one shared computer… thus we have multiple passwords on that shared computer.

The shared computer is locked in my house… for convenience, I’d rather not have it screen lock.  Perhaps it is unusual, but I trust my family. It would be great if any family member is using the shared computer, they would just be prompted for their password when opening their file… but more importantly, prompted to set a password when they create a new encrypted file… so when it is replicated to their individual computer, it is encrypted with their password, not the password of the last family member to log into axcrypt. Yes, I could have multiple accounts on the shared computer (and actually do), but it is far more convenient to not have to logout/login every time someone wants to use it.

For the shared computer in my house; I’m generally not concerned about security… unless someone breaks into my house and steals it… in which case I’d really prefer that they had to enter a password to unlock the files.  Seems unlikely someone would break into my house just to install a key logger on my shared computer; could happen, but a risk I’m willing to live with for the convenience of having an easily accessible shared computer.

Security is all about understanding and accessing risk. I’d like axcrypt to support my acceptable level of risk.  Seems others would too. I don’t mind if AxCrypt defaults to very secure behavior, and even makes me read a warning to change that… but I’d still like the option, the option to select my own level of risk.