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Azhaguraja B

Hi Jim,

AxCrypt has a sophisticated password strength evaluator based on measuring the actual strength of the password. It must also be at least 8 effective characters long. You can use more than that length also.

We evaluate the password by estimating the strength, which is based on how long and complex the password is.

The evaluation entirely disregards parts of the password that is recognized as being among the 1,000 most common passwords, as well as white space.

For example the password ‘secretX password Y 123456’ is evaluated as just ‘XY’, since spaces, ‘secret’, ‘password’ and ‘123456’ are ignored!

We classify the password in 4 categories of increasing strength, were we do not accept any password in the lowest category. The above example is not accepted for that reason.

If you want suggest strong password with minimum length, please check here: The generated passwords are more stronger and will take some million/trillion years to break the passwords.

Please check out our blog to know more about the AxCrypt Keys,