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Hello dataplayer,

Looking at the logs we can see that you created the account in April, and successfully logged in most recently in September.

Now, when you attempt to log in two months after the last time you did, your password does not work.

We’ve checked the underlying data, and nothing has changed. So, although, you’re not going to like this, my conclusion is that while you may be entering a password that is correct for some services, this is not the password you used with AxCrypt.

Please try to reconsider if you may be mixing things up – after all, if you’ve not used a password for 2 months it’s only natural to be a little unsure about what it actually was – or which one it was.

You do get locked out after 15 attempts, and you did hit that limit when you tried but the lock out counter is reset after 10 minutes so you’re free to try again.