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Hello Dataplayer,

We’ve looked further at the logs of both software updates and your stored data.

You successfully accessed the account until September 18. Then you started getting “wrong password” errors.

Your data stored on the server, used to validate the account has not changed since April. It has remained the same.

We updated the software on the server on September 8, and then on September 28.

So, between the time you successfully signed in, and when it stopped working for you, nothing on the server has changed! It is hard to envision a situation where our software acting on the same data will give different results with the same input (your password).

I am trying to help you sort this out, but it’s not helpful if we focus on the wrong things.

So, let’s try an experiment.

Remember – all that is really needed to decrypt a file is the AxCrypt app, the original password and the file. The servers are there for convenience and other functions. It is not required.

Presumably you have a file you’d like to decrypt.

1) Make a copy of your encrypted file, and only work on that.
2) Start the AxCrypt app, click ‘Cancel’ when asked for the password.
3) Select File | Options | Clear all settings and restart.

I’ve prepared a dummy account for you, we’ll use this to setup AxCrypt again.

4) Sign in with ‘’.
5) Use the password ‘not4real!Files’.
6) When signed in, try to open the encrypted file,
7) You’ll be asked for a ‘file password’. This will be your real, original, password used when you first encrypted that file. Type this in notepad, and copy it and past it to the password file.

If this works, go to and try to sign in with your real account email, and the above pasted password.