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Hello Roger,

Thank you for the info and screen shots.

The problem here is that the *file* is encrypted with a different password than what you use to sign in to AxCrypt with. You need to know the password the file was originally encrypted with.

What you appear to have done is to reset your sign in password to AxCrypt. That does not change the requirement to know the password originally used to encrypt a file – if it did, our encryption would not be much worth ;-) .

Try the following:

Sign out of AxCrypt.

Create a file “New document.txt”, edit it, add some text, save and close *all* instances of Notepad.

Sign in to AxCrypt.

Right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select ‘AxCrypt | Encrypt’. The file should become encrypted, and be renamed to ‘New document-txt.axx’.

Sign out of AxCrypt.

Sign in to AxCrypt.

Double-click the file ‘New document-txt.axx’.

The file opens in Notepad.

Close all Notepad windows (there should be only if you followed the instructions).

You do not need to visit the web site, and a file encrypted when you are signed in is automatically opened without the need to type a password again – as long as the file actually is encrypted with the sign in password!