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Svante, many thanks for your patience. My lack of understanding of the ‘mechanisms and platforms’ fundamental to Axcrypt are no doubt making this troubleshooting more difficult than it should be. That said, I was using Axcrypt without a care in the world until that update episode. After that, I could not operate Axcrypt, and could not decrypt a file previously encrypted. I am still unclear as to why Axcrypt seems to direct me to apply a PW the way it does, but presumably there is a mismatch somewhere. I think the best way to proceed is to remove Axcrypt and start over. The files previously encrypted have backup copies elsewhere, so it is not a total disaster. As I no longer have a clue which PW was used on what file, as I was forced to change from the original, I think scrapping everything and starting over is the way to go. I am glad that no unique files were encrypted, as I would be in a real mess. Please let me know the procedure / ‘gotchas’ for uninstalling and reinstalling. Again, the only requirement is for right clicking a file to operate, with no need to separately invoke Axcrypt and no need to visit the website (I gather that the programme does that on its own, each time). Thanks.