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Runnin Naked

’ve been using Axcrypt for years, It’s perfect; encrypt/decrypt’s lean, fast, versatile, exe, well made. But I now leave the 20lb laptop/printer briefcase at home when Smartphones could do the things my laptop could. So I assumed, dropping $alot$ for a Note 8, assuming for that price, it must have good security for my confidential files-right! Wrong, this Samsung/Google monster is made to suck all privacy out of it, and they really are getting aggressive with intruding unannounced to capture copy all the contacts info and pictures after forcing outrageous new privacy terms on people for their new target marketing advertising scheme – they somehow $ got thru congress!?!

Waiting for Axcrypt to put their encrypt/decrypt engine on their Android platform a couple years now, what’s the holdup? With a phone to expensive to shoot so no one else gets victimized by it, I can’t be Runnin Naked any longer. Want to pay Axcrypt for the fine job you did with 1.6-2.1 pc platform and signup for Premium Service with the Full Android Axcrypt.

I’mforced to find another solution to counter the new google/samsung privacy vacuum. Don’t stop now, you just have to marry the encrypt/decrypt engine and android platform to complete the bridge! You should be benefiting from the New Privacy Terms driving smartphone people your way. Axcrypt is missing out on some easy money. $$101.
I really need a Full Axcrypt for Android-asap!  Have any good news?