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Svante is correct in his comments: however you are correct in your fear of version 2.   The real issue is that Svante changed his business model from v1.7 to 2 and showed that he was tying is individual (and immediate family) financial and personal security to Axcrypt.   He will be the one that has installed the “backdoor” and his server based “password collection” system in version 2 and will under promise of reward (money and financial security) or penalty (physical threat to his family – going to jail) give your passwords to anyone how asks and rewards or penalizes him.  I only use a copy of v1.7 that I downloaded many years before he changed his model (and was relatively unknown to codebreakers).   I don’t use the current copy of v1.7 put on the old website since it may have been compromised when the business model was changed.  If Svante wanted to give some confidence in his claims of security he would make 1.7 open source so it could be at least checked for backdoors”.