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Hello Terri,

First of all – the error messages indicate that you are using version 1.x of AxCrypt. This versions is obsolete, unmaintained and unsupported…

The scenario in question with multiple users is not one where AxCrypt may be the best choice. AxCrypt works by decrypting the file to a local location, and then when the software detects that the user is done with the file, it re-encrypts the file and copies it back to the original location.

That being said, provided the VPN is stable, it should work the same as over a local area network in the office.

You might want to try version 2.x of AxCrypt. While it works essentially the same, the way it does it is more conservative than version 1.x and it operates via the .NET file access instead of directly via Win32 (Windows native calls). In the end, it should be the same – but…