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I was concerned about changing my password to AxCrypt so I opened an encrypted file and “Saved As” appending unencrypted to the name. I then changed my password in AxCrypt and everything worked as expected so I securely deleted the unencrypted file …except now the “Clean open files” icon to the left of the file name is showing and “Clean Open Files” doesn’t seem to work. So I went to the local app data and deleted the file (but I kept the folder). When I reopened the encrypted file it opened fine and created a new folder and new unencrypted file. I’ve tried to “clean open files” (doesn’t do anything) and I’ve logged out and back in (doesn’t do anything), I’ve opened and closed the encrypted file multiple times (it creates a “~$file” and then deletes it but the unencrypted file remains) and I’ve open and closed the unencrypted file multiple times (creates the temp files as expected but it remains in the folder).

What else can I do to make sure AxCrypt gets rid of the unencrypted file?