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Prabhukumar R

Hello Scott,

AxCrypt secures files, individually. However, you can designate folders as ‘secured’. The folders will be monitored for new files, and AxCrypt will secure all new files with a single click, or when you sign out.

You can also select multiple files, including all files in a folder, to be secured in a single operation. They still remain individual files, and the folder itself is not secured, just the files in it.

If the file in fact is located in a folder designated as “Secured”, it will soon be re-encrypted again since those folders are monitored for unencrypted files and will encrypt them when you sign out, or click the “Broom” clean up icon.

How to secure (encrypt) the Folder?

You can able to encrypt your folder contents by just drag and drop the folder to the Secured Folders area.

or Right click on the Secured Folders area and choosing Add Secured Folder option from the context menu.

or Select the folder and right click on the folder and select the AxCrypt | Encrypt menu option from the windows explorer context menu.

Please check out our video tutorials at and our other documentation at to get started with AxCrypt.