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Azhaguraja B

Hello Paul,

Password Reset is not a way to recover encrypted files! It’s only to allow you to sign in to the AxCrypt app and web. The new password will be used to encrypt new files.

After resetting your AxCrypt account with a new password, We will get access to the AxCrypt account server and application too. But We can’t decrypt the old encrypted with the new password.

But still, we can decrypt/open the old AxCrypt encrypted files with the file password(which was used in the file encryption).

Both the versions(1.x & 2.x) of AxCrypt application will not allow the users to decrypt/open the encrypted file(s) without knowing the file password.

And the firewall blocks the AxCrypt app – Firewalls will block the applications/software based on how it was configured. So please check the firewall configuration. There is no problem with the AxCrypt app.

Please note: Always take a regular backup or keep a separate copy of your important files.

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