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Hi Leonard,

Thanks for the feedback. Some of it is are your personal opinions, they must remain so. It is meaningless to discuss the fact you don’t like the new UI design without some concrete ideas from you to improve it for example.

However, there are some technical misunderstandings that should be corrected, and some basis for changes that you may not be aware of.

“Automatic decryption” – this was always an option with AxCrypt 1.x (“Remember this key for decryption”).
“Need to be logged on” – this was also in essence an option with AxCrypt 1.x (“Remember this key for encryption”).

The basic reason for making these non-optional defaults was because of usage errors of users causing data loss, as well as increased convenience. It’s simply more convenient not to need to enter your password all the time, and the “log on” metaphor is to reduce and avoid the risk of a user using different or mistyped passwords and then being unable to decrypt. This is based on real world experience of millions of users. The new model has essentially stopped data loss caused by these mistakes.

if, by any chance, someone gets 20 seconds of access to your PC, not only you lose access to newly encrypted files, but you lose access to all your encrypted files, on all devices in sync” – This is simply incorrect. The way it’s designed you can always open the files with the password used initially to encrypt them. So you do not lose access. Also, you just can’t dismiss the fact that if you leave your PC unattended it’s not safe anymore. It’s not! You just can’t leave your PC without a screen saver or anything! If you do, it makes no sense to consider security at all.

That we changed some previously free options into paid options is of course unfortunate for you as a free user – but the alternative to getting some revenue was to simply abandon the whole thing. As it is, you can still use 1.x for as long as you like, and you get the same and in some cases better functionality for nothing with version 2.x

Thanks again for your feedback!