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Prabhukumar R

Hello Alàa,

After your Premium subscription expired, AxCrypt will convert your AxCrypt account subscription into Freemium.

If you want to continue our Premium subscription, then you have to purchase again. Without user’s interaction, AxCrypt will not renew your subscription automatically.

You are able to open/decrypt your AxCrypt Premium Encrypted(AES 256 bit) File, after the AxCrypt Premium Subscription expired also.

Without Premium in AxCrypt Windows version, you are able to encrypt(with AES-128), decrypt and view the encrypted files. Some additional functionalities only required AxCrypt Premium.

Without Premium in AxCrypt Mac version, you are able to decrypt and view the encrypted files. But you can’t able to encrypt more new files. If you want to encrypt more new files, then you need AxCrypt Premium.

The AxCrypt freemium used to access the old encrypted files(with AES 256) with AxCrypt Free subscription, then those files will be re-encrypted with AES-128.

Actually AxCrypt Premium having some unique and special features like AES-256 encryption, Key Sharing, Cloud Storage Awareness, Secured Folder, Password Management, Inactivity Sign Out, Anonymous File Names, Priority Support , Mobile Apps and Mac version.

Now you can browse our official website to know more about AxCrypt Premium features, .