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Prabhukumar R

Hello Jay West,

AxCrypt 2 does not support specific password for specific files. Also AxCrypt 2 now use a single sign on model where the same password is used to sign in to our servers and to protect your files.

AxCrypt Key Sharing is a Premium(paid) feature. But you can use it as a free via Key Management.

AxCrypt app having the feature called Key Management. Using this feature, you can export your public keys and import some other AxCrypt user’s public keys to share the encrypted file to others.

You can export your public sharing key from the AxCrypt app menu File | Key Management | Export My Public Sharing Key.

After exporting your public key, you need to send the key file to the 3rd party peoples(who is going to share and send the file with you).

Now 3rd party people need to import your public key file to their AxCrypt app using the menu option File | Key Management | Import Someone’s Public Sharing Key.

Now they are able to share the encrypted file with you using our Key Sharing feature.

There is no need to share passwords in order to send or share files securely with others. AxCrypt has a key sharing feature letting you add recipients by email address, who when they receive the file can open it with their own AxCrypt password.

Key sharing embeds the shared key into the file. The file must thus first be key shared with the recipient, then sent or file shared. Please note that AxCrypt does not share or send the actual file.

To see a quick instructional video explaining how to use key sharing, please view

Note that the person you’re sending the file has to use AxCrypt 2 with the email address you shared the file.

If  you don’t like the AxCrypt 2.x app, then you can use the old version of Axcrypt app.

We are stopped developing new features and fixing issues for the legacy version(AxCrypt 1.x). So we will suggest you to use the AxCrypt 2.x app.