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If i could join part of what Leonard is having concerns about perhaps i can help provide a possible solution.

I too have been using AxCrypt for the better part of almost two years. knowing that some files are worth keeping secret lead me to try this application. I would consider myself a more paranoid end user which fears having my file(s) stolen. Granted i know that any application can only go so far and the rest is my best judgment in keeping the files i hold dearly as safe as possible.

I myself tend to access my encrypted files while at work and dont wish to have anyone else, physical or online, have access to the content these files possess.  The feature that i believe Leonard was bringing up is that if i can access these files, in theory so can anyone else at that precise moment in time. I would suspect that for many of us these encrypted file hold a password or some sort of other information that is needed for a short duration. After we access this information contained, it would be better to “lock” this file once again from being opened, even to myself. This revolves around the idea that we are then auto locked out after a time interval. However short or long is determined by the AxCrypt application.

I believe that Leonard was stating that we took solace in the fact that we were prompted to enter our password as often as possible. this told us that if anyone else, physical or online presence, who tried to access these same files would be greeted by the same ‘enter password’ prompt. With the latest Free version that is currently out there, this is no longer an option.

I understand getting paid for the time and energy put into making software. i however would recommend that this time limit on the auto locking or rather this inactivity sign out be changed from the defaulted ‘Never’ option to perhaps 10 minutes interval. This option can still remain Locked for free users but the defaulted time interval is now set to a time limit other than ‘Never’ sign out. In theory, if i’m am able to access my secure files during this ‘Never’ session so can any one else whether i want them to or not.

For the time being, i have taken to right clicking on the taskbar icon and manually signing out as soon as i am done accessing my file(s). this is manually done but feel 100% better in knowing that everyone will then see the ‘Enter password’ screen when trying to access my files, even if the user is myself.