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The reason why I am posting it is that I am going to post it on many major forums

Your ignorance of how computers work will be by derided by intelligent people on those “major forums”.

There was an attempt to format and then after 2sek, my OS crashed.

Your OS is king. If it crashes there’s nothing any security software can do to help.

So my conclusion is that AxCrypt might work and protect your files but definitely won’t protect your files when someone has physical access to your device, it becomes useless.

Obviously – if somebody has physical access to your device it’s not your computer any more.

I would and many of users already agreed with me, prefer to lose the latest information

You’re wrong – many users don’t want to lose their data. Both Microsoft and Apple save files regularly in the event of a system crash because that’s what people want: you do not know better than these two multi-billion dollar technology companies.

…they should be aware that there are copies of their files that can be easily accessed by anyone with minimum knowledge how to use a PC.

Anybody with a “minimum knowledge” of computers would use full-disk encryption like Microsoft BitLocker / Drive Encryption. Then, if their system crashed, the files on the disk are unreadable.

Of course, I will never use AxCrypt for anything that is valuable

Then you’re lessening your security. AxCrypt is part of a security strengthening strategy.

So why AxCrypt keeps unencrypted copies of files for weeks?? And to make it really easy in AxCrypt folder? Why users don’t know anything about it?

That’s why the files are in the AxCrypt folder (so users know about them). If you can’t be bothered checking that folder then nobody can help you.

If you want to securely delete those files then press the broom in AxCrypt or manually delete them. Simple.