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Prabhukumar R

Hello Patrick ,

With AxCrypt Premium, use of our mobile apps on any number of devices is included. The mobile apps are intended to complement the desktop application, by allowing files encrypted on the desktop to be opened and viewed on any mobile device.

Just to be clear, our mobile apps do not yet have the capability to encrypt or update encrypted files on mobile devices. We will implement mobile encryption, but user feedback has told us that viewing encrypted files produced on the desktop is the most commonly requested function so we’re getting that out the door first!

To view the encrypted files in your mobiles device, Sign in to the AxCrypt mobile app and click the unlock icon(on the top right corner) and then select the file from your mobile device or any cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and etc.

When we are trying to open any file(s) from OneDrive or other cloud services, the file will be downloaded to the user’s mobile or local storage. After that the downloaded file will be opened in the corresponding application(AxCrypt, Pdf viewer or etc.).

Sorry to say, We do not have Axcrypt mobile app videos.