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Prabhukumar R

Hello Susan,

You can login with different email addresses by clearing your AxCrypt local contents in the AxCrypt app by navigating the AxCrypt app menu options(File | Options | Clear All Settings & Restart) or clicking the Reset button in the AxCrypt app sign in dialog.

Sign in to the AxCrypt app with your AxCrypt credentials. Then follow the below instructions to Encrypt your file(s)

Use the secure(+ plus) icon or File | Secure from the AxCrypt app and then choose the file(s) which you want to encrypt.

or In windows explorer, Select the file(s) which you want to encrypt and right click on the selected files and choose the right click context menu option AxCrypt | Encrypt.

Please check out our video tutorials at and our other documentation at to get started with AxCrypt.

I am sorry to say, Unfortunately, we do not offer telephone support.

If you are asking any queries, please feel free to contact our support via .