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Prabhukumar R

Hello Luis,

Please avoid sending a same query in different mediums. You may get duplicate response.

I am sorry to say, If the encrypted file is corrupted then AxCrypt will not able to decrypt the same.

But we have a feature called Check File. You can able to decrypt the corrupted AxCrypt encrypted files by navigating the menu File | Options | enable Debug from the AxCrypt app.

Also we can generate a summary of file structure, to see whether the file was encrypted with AxCrypt or not.

For the summary, you have to use the debug menu and then select the Check File menu option(Debug | Check File). Now you will be prompted to choose the files. Choose the AxCrypt encrypted file. Then AxCrypt will generate a summary of file structure.

Just take a screenshot of the summary and send to us, to investigate the file status.

If any other queries, please feel free to contact AxCrypt support via