Forums Community How can I come back to the 1.x version? Reply To: How can I come back to the 1.x version?

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“We’d like to know why you want to revert of course”
To answer this question as simply as possible I think it just boils down to 1.x being straightforward and easy to use and 2.x being much too complicated with seemingly self-defeating non-optional “features”. Keep in mind that most of us just want an easy way to encrypt and set a password on files in a folder and any attempt to access those files should prompt for a password. Nothing more. Adding timers, convoluted UI’s, automatic tasks, and requiring log in information etc. just generates confusion for a process that should be a very simple. 1.x provided what we need very well with some additional features available if we wanted them. 2.x leaves the user wondering half of the time what is going on and the other half if their files are actually really secure. It doesn’t matter if they are technically a million times more secure than with 1.x. It’s about the feeling that they might not be that matters in this regard. I love the simplicity of 1.x. It took about 10 seconds to figure it out. I spent over an hour trying to figure out what I was doing in 2.x and I finally gave up and went back to 1.x