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Azhaguraja B

Hello Ax,

1) You misunderstood the Key management feature.

It is not like sending your password to someone. With the exported public key, we can’t decrypt the encrypted files.

Key management will help you/others to key share the encrypted file with others.

For example: If someone got your public key file, then he can import the same with the AxCrypt app and key share the file with you. This is an alternative way of key sharing without a premium subscription.

If you missed or someone got the public key file, no worries. It will help them to key share the file with you.

Whenever a file is encrypted, it’s encrypted with a random key. That key, in turn, is encrypted with the user’s password AND with the user’s public key.

For more information about the keys and password change, please visit our blog- and

2) Internet is not required to encrypt/decrypt the files in the ACrypt app. Internet is for detecting the accounts and subscription information and syncing the same to our local.

As I said earlier, nobody can decrypt the file only with the public key file.

If someone knows your AxCrypt account password, then change(we recommend) or reset your AxCrypt account password with a new one.

Once changed the AxCrypt account password, then open the old encrypted files with file password(old password-which was used in the encryption) and update the file contents. Now all the updated files will be re-encrypted with a new password.

Key management helps/allows the user to key share the encrypted file(s) without a premium subscription.