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Azhaguraja B

Hello Ax,

Apologies for the delayed response.

If someone is trying to decrypt your AxCrypt encrypted file, then he/she needs your file password which was used for file encryption. Without the file password, nobody can decrypt the encrypted files.

When we encrypting the file, AxCrypt app will use the user’s public key and file password. The file password is the master key to decrypt the encrypted file(s).

As per our blog,

A public key – this key is non-secret and can be used by anyone to encrypt data. But it can’t be used to decrypt anything! We sometimes call this a sharing key.

A private key – this key must be secret and is required in order to decrypt any data encrypted using the public key. We sometimes call this a secret key.

Knowing the public key, it is computationally infeasible (i.e. impossible in layman terms) to derive the private key.

Yes, if someone knows your file password, then he/she can access your encrypted files(which are encrypted with the same password). That’s the reason we are advising users to don’t share the file password/AxCrypt password with others and use the Key sharing feature.

If someone knows your file password and he has access to your system, then he can access the encrypted files. So please always use strong passwords.

There is no need to share passwords in order to send or share files securely with others. AxCrypt has a key sharing feature letting you add recipients by email address, who when they receive the file can open it with their own AxCrypt password.

Key sharing feature will use the user’s public keys.

Key sharing embeds the shared key into the file. The file must thus first be key shared with the recipient, then sent or file shared. Please note that AxCrypt does not share or send the actual file. To see a quick instructional video explaining how to use key sharing, please view .

When you key share a file with user A, AxCrypt will use the user A’s public key in the encryption process. Please read our blog, we clearly explained there.

Please note: If you think somebody else knows your AxCrypt password, then please change the password with a strong one. Always use strong and lengthy passwords.