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I only use the free version(s). Version 1 was simple and easy to use. Version 2 is simpler, and yet your logic for one being able to walk up to my pc and open an encrypted file is incorrect.

You say that if anyone can walk up to my pc and use it without a pc/Windows password, it isn’t safe anyway. But I don’t use file encryption to make my pc safe. I use it to make individual files or folders of files safe. If a pc/Windows password keeps people out, why would anyone need encryption for a file? Microsoft has continually opted to make it possible for people to use Windows without a pc/Windows password. Why? Because not everyone needs them…risk vs. convenience. But those who do not need a pc/Windows password may very well sometimes need to encrypt something to keep prying eyes out.

Think of it this way. A person’s pc may be left on at times, because personal pc’s are at home, where typically there is no one around to physically access the pc. If a hacker makes it on board and takes the time to crack my encrypted files, then he/she gets to view them. I’m not trying to be Fort Knox. I’m trying to simply make it so that in the event someone, even another family member from across town for instance, walks in, sees my pc…and perhaps it is up and running Windows…and they sit down to use it. I have no problem with them using my pc…but I do have a problem with them viewing certain files. For some files, there is a legality issue to have the files available to read. A hacker could care less about the information in these files, for he/she cannot use them to make money. But it is important for them to be difficult to view. With version 2, it isn’t just a matter of personal choice…using version 2 is basically like using nothing. I mean…just who, at what point, is protected by an encrypted file that anyone can view once the pc is accessed? Basically no one in my opinion.

Are you actually suggesting that people with good pc passwords never get hacked? Not so! The Internet provides a ready passage for a good hacker.

So okay, you’ve decided to do it this way…and to let the old way that so many people loved slip away into history. I think there should be an option to allow users for whom the old system worked better (procedurally) to use version 2 in the same way they used version 1. The sign-in could be an additional layer of protection (optoinally a 2nd requirement in addition to the encryption password), rather than replacing the password prompt. Or…if such an arrangement wasn’t needed, version 2 could be used the way it is currently designed/configured.

As for me, you’ve made the program 100% useless to me. I don’t see how that is progress…unless one or more optional procedures for use are constructed and made available. Hey…I have to rethink my decided course of action sometimes too.