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Hello Doug!

Thanks for your input.

When I say that encryption does not make much sense if you leave it unattended without a password, I have two assumptions:

1) You use strong encryption because you *really* want to protect your data from viewing.
2) If you let anyone use your PC in your own administrator user context, they can install basically anything which includes keyloggers or other software that will make the encryption meaningless.

We believe the promotion of good practices – which includes use of a password protected screen saver to avoid trivial access to the PC, in combination with usability features where you don’t have to re-type the password all the time increases the likelyhood of the solution being used, and thus protects more information.

I also believe that all you have to do is enable a screen saver – it does not have to be password protected I think, when it goes active AxCrypt should log out (I don’t have the option to test this right now, but it should work like that).

There is also an option where you can set a timeout for how long AxCrypt will open files without asking for the password again, you may want to use that.