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Prabhukumar R


Change password in AxCrypt app

Sign in to the AxCrypt app with your AxCrypt credentials. Then follow the below instructions to change the AxCrypt account password.

You can change the AxCrypt account password via File | Options | Change Password from the AxCrypt app.

Now Enter the new/change AxCrypt account password in Password Box and Again type Verify password box.

Then click ok button. All are done.

Actually, you changed the sing in password of your AxCrypt account. Now, You can use the changed account password to sign in with the AxCrypt app and account site(

At the same time, you can also change the account password in account site also.

For that, Please sign in our website ( ) then go to settings | Password.

Now enter the current password. then enter the change(new) password in the new password box and again type the change(new) password in verify password box.

Now your AxCrypt account password changed successfully.

Please note: I suggest you use the ‘show password’ option in the app and ensure that what is type is truly identical.

Happy AxCrypting…… Have a great day :)