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Prabhukumar R

Hello JH,

You can send the encrypted file via email(Gmail, yahoo, etc..) to other users.

If they want to open the received encrypted file then we have to share the file password(which was used in the file encryption – the AxCrypt account password) with them or the files should be key shared with receivers’ email addresses. AxCrypt application is mandatory is decrypt the encrypted files.

If we do not want to share the password with others, then please use AxCrypt key sharing feature after encrypting the files. Let me explain more about the key sharing feature,

There is no need to share passwords in order to send or share files securely with others.AxCrypt has a key sharing feature letting you add recipients by email address, who when they receive the file can open it with their own AxCrypt password.

Key sharing embeds the shared key into the file. The file must thus first be key shared with the recipient, then sent or file shared. Please note that AxCrypt does not share or send the actual file. To see a quick instructional video explaining how to use key sharing, please view .

Sharing a secured file is made directly from the AxCrypt software by choosing the secured file, click the share button and simply select the team member you want to share it to. The recipient just needs a free AxCrypt ID and will be automatically invited via email if necessary. The invitation email contains instructions on how to view and edit the file.