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Good morning,

I’m using Axcrypt a lot. I create a file, use axcrypt , and then continue to work in the same file. It happened at least 3 times, that after saving, I got a message: axcrypt stopped working, and then another one: secondary execute request (en:getthereadexit) wait time out.

 I did not know, what this meant, so I went home. The other day, when I tried to open the file, i saw that the last modification to the file was at the time it was created, so basically did not save the things i wrote in the word document. I tried recovering it, but it was lost in ,,space”. This document was extremely important.

Can you please tell me, what could be the problem?

I dont want this to happen again, because this is causing me a lot of extra hours at work.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,