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Azhaguraja B

Hello Hans,

AxCrypt will not encrypt the already encrypted files. Means, it will not encrypt .axx files.

AxCrypt encrypted files should have a “.axx” file extension. So AxCrypt once encrypts the file, then the file will be renamed to “filename-originalextension.axx”.

For example: Encrypting file name is “testDocument.txt”, then the AxCrypt encrypted file will be renamed to “testDocument-txt.axx”.

Once you encrypt the file with the AxCrypt app, then it will be secured. Nobody can access the encrypted files without the file password which was used in the file encryption. So no need to encrypt the file twice.

Instead of thinking to encrypt a file twice, please use strong passwords to secure your files.

For strong passwords, please refer to our password generator .

Note: AxCrypt application only can decrypt/open the AxCrypt encrypted files.