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Prabhukumar R

Hello Avila,

AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption. Without AxCrypt original password nobody to decrypt the encrypted file(if not key shared).

If you are an administrator, create the encrypted files in the shared network path.

Then encrypt the same with your AxCrypt account and key share the encrypted file(s) with your employee(s). For example, Key share the file(s) with your 10-15 team members.

Once key shared with the encrypted files, your employee(s) can open the shared encrypted files with their own password(s).

Now, All the members/employees can open and updated the content of the encrypted files without any failures.

If any of your employee(s) are leaving from your company, then just remove the user from the key shared list of the encrypted files.

You can also revoke the file shared access in the shared network. After that, access revoked users will not be able to access the encrypted files.

To see a quick instructional video explaining how to use key sharing, please view .