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Prabhukumar R

Hello Carl Wibom,

1) AxCrypt is a File encryption software. It’s not a  folder encryption software. it not encrypting the entire folder. it just encrypting the inside the file(s).

you can achieve the same. Instead of adding the parent folder, just add the selected(which you wish to secure) subfolders to the secured folders list.

For example, Consider A is a parent folder and it has subfolders B and C.  B and C have 2 subfolders each, named 1 and 2.

If you wish to encrypt Only C folder files. Then just add the C folder into the secured folders list.

If you do not want to secure the subfolders 1 and 2 of parent folder C, then you have to disable the Include subfolder feature. If Include subfolder enabled, AxCrypt will encrypt all the subfolder’s files.

Include a subfolder feature designed to encrypt the subfolders’ files of the secured parent folder(s). If you do not want to secure subfolder files then just disable the feature. Also, You can keep the folders separately as per your need. Sorry to say, there are no other options.

Currently, we are not planning to develop this feature. maybe in the future to develop this feature.

2) We have already completed the issue and deployed stage, we will release it in the near feature.