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I installed version 2.x for Android. I was forced to accept the premium version. I initially accepted that to get going, but my experimentation resulted in cold feet. I subsequently uninstalled the Android app. Here are my reasons (or concerns).

I like version 1.x for its simplicity. I use that on my PCs and the application worked almost flawless. To me, if it not broken, no need to fix. Many of my cloud based files are Axcrypt-ed using version 1.x.

With my new Android phone, I was forced not only into version 2.x of Axcrypt but also into the premium version. That opens the door, for me, to inadvertently open & save existing encrypted file in version 2.x. That will then upset all my PCs, which can only work with v1.x. Now I will end up with a fragmented system that will  eventually force me to migrate to V2.x on my PCs. What seems to start as a simple task could end up as a major one.

I do not mind paying a one time fee for the Android app.In its simplest form, I am fine just reading it (on the phone) and leaving it in its original version. With the fee, I would expect implementation of bio-metric login\ password, explained later.

I want to avoid inadvertent re-encrypt of a file to the newer version. Current necessity to install only the premium version on Android, even as a 30 day trial, opens a door for problems (unless this app is not used for 31 days).

On top of all above, the trial premium version did not allow finger print (or bio-metrics) to log into Axcrypt account. Though not a show stopper issue, this is certainly a disadvantage. After the trial version reverts to the free version, I understand user will have to log into the account every time user needs to read an Axcrypt-ed file, . Which that amounts to two password entries. Once to log into the account and next to open the encrypted file.

Have I got something wrong here or am I missing the true picture?

Thanks, Ashraf