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Several weeks ago I contacted Support, while signed into my account, regarding being unable to copy my password in AxCrypt to my phone’s App. After I sign in twice to AxCrypt on my phone and select an App and show the password for that App, I have no option to copy the shown password. Consequently, I cannot access my phone’s secure App unless I write down the password shown and manually input it into the phone’s App. This is insecure and too cumbersome.
As I mentioned I contacted you several weeks ago and have not had any response from Support, let alone a fix for this problem.
Please contact me or I will have to cancel this subscription and purchase another password manager.
My phone is a Pixel 2XL running Android 10, Security patch level: December 5, 2019.
AxCrypt used to work properly on my phone (copy and paste) until just before I contacted you the first time.
Please respond.