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Mark Houghton

I have the identical problem that Joe Bloggs and Gonzalo have above.  I installed AxCrypt on my laptop initially with a good password.  But have since changed it.  It’s a more advanced password for both the website and for new files to be encrypted.  That all works fine, but I can still decrypt/encrypt files using the first password, and I get the “local password” message Gonzalo shows above.  I don’t want a local password.  I thought I changed my password for all my files but apparently I haven’t – I now have two passwords.

The above explanations do not resolve the problem.  Further, if I sign into AxCrypt using the more advanced password, and encrypt a brand new file using the same advanced password, I can still encrypt/decrypt that new file using the old unwanted local password.  How do I resolve?  My goal is to have my single more advanced password required to encrypt all of my files, new and old. Thanks.