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I would love to be using AxCrypt, but honestly the only reason I am not is because of the lack of native GUI functionality to choose the installation location – a feature that has been included in software since GUI operating systems became the norm with Windows. If there are a few people that install the software to an unsuitable location then that is on them and they need to learn but the majority shouldn’t be left out because of that. The other factor that influenced my decision (2+ years ago) to avoid AxCrypt was an asinine response from the developer that insinuated users are too dumb too choose and manage their own installation location. YOUR response, however which included the MSI override commands to set the installation path was way more than what I was originally provided, and I did not find an available MSI installer for which to use anyway. My primary question with that though – if I use that method to install AxCrypt to a non-default location, will future installs (upgrades) automatically recognize that path and apply upgrades to the currently installed location or will it attempt to write to the default? If it will recognize the current installation location, then that might just be the redeeming factor that convinces me to purchase AxCrypt.