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Prabhukumar R

Hello zillah

You will not lose your encrypted files by uninstalling the AxCrypt app. But whenever you want to open the encrypted files, you need AxCrypt application to decrypt the AxCrypt encrypted files.

Only the AxCrypt application can open/decrypt the AxCrypt encrypted files(.axx extensioned files), other apps can’t. So AxCrypt application is required to manage the encrypted files.

To download the portable version, .

Sign in to the AxCrypt app with your AxCrypt credentials. Then follow the below instructions to decrypt the encrypted file(s)

You can able to decrypt the AxCrypt encrypted file by navigating File | Stop Securing from the AxCrypt app.
In the recent files tab, right click on the file(which you want to decrypt) and select Stop Securing and remove from list
In windows explorer, right click on the file and Select AxCrypt > Decrypt.

You can able to decrypt the AxCrypt secured folder by navigating to the Secured Folders Tab from the AxCrypt app. Then Right click on the selected folder (which you want to decrypt) and choose the menu option Decrypt Permanently.

Incase the folder is not listed in the Secured Folder list, then you have to secure the folder again using the Add Secured Folder option from the right click content menu.

So please check the tutorial to decrypt the encrypted files with the AxCrypt app