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Prabhukumar R

Hello Steve,

Password reset is not a way to recover encrypted files! It’s only to allow you to sign in to the AxCrypt app and web. The new password will be used to encrypt new files.

After resetting your AxCrypt account with a new password, You will get access to the AxCrypt account server and application too. But you can’t decrypt the old encrypted without knowing the file password(which was used in the file encryption).

Because the encrypted files before password reset, holding an old password. So you have to enter the file password to decrypt/open the old AxCrypt encrypted files(which are all encrypted before the password reset).

After password reset, the newly encrypted files holding the new password. So you can open/decrypt the newly encrypted files without entering your file password.

Both the Password reset and change are not the same. Please read the difference between Password reset and change in our blog,

AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.

If the file was encrypted with a different password than your sign in password, then you have to enter the file password while viewing/decrypting the encrypted file.

For example: Try to encrypt a file with your AxCrypt password and then reset your AxCrypt account password using Reset Password Feature. Now if you open the encrypted file, you will be prompted for enter the file password (which is used for encryption of the file).

So please try to remember the file password(which was used in the encryption process) to decrypt/open the old encrypted files.

If you think you almost know the password, we have simple software allowing you to try to find your password, and you can download the most recent version from and read of how to use it at Please note that we cannot provide support beyond this

Still, you are asking any issues, please provide more information about the issue and write a mail to