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crazy as this sounds …i think i figured out a solution

I had originally installed an older version of Axcrypt that didn’t need an account…  (email and pw)

I uninstalled that version and downloaded and installed the newer version ( i had to create an email/password)

I encrypted a libre office spreadsheet (trying to see if excel was really the issue) and I had to use new account info to encrypt


when I tried to open the older xls file that was encrypted before…. when I double clicked on it, it asked me for the new account password….BUT THEN asked me for the original OLD password and voila it opens



The next time I try and open, it opened without having to enter the password …saying you were signed in….  so I now have a NEW problem…. why have an encrypted file that is unlocked ????WTF?????

The only solution is to sign out of the account by bringing up axcrypt in the tray and selecting sign out

I dont know if i should start another thread but need a solution…. I’m not going to always remember to sign out…

they have an auto-sign out after x minutes but you have to buy the premium