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Scott Schuller

I recently installed Axcrypt and am using the Premium trail version. I created a file folder on my desktop with a couple sub-folders inside. Inside the sub-folders are files specific to each sub-folder. Axcrypt is allowing me to encrypt the files in each sub-folder, however, it is not allowing me to encrypt the sub-folders themselves and more importantly, the main file folder on my desktop. It keeps coming back to me with the following error:

‘desktop.ini’ was not encrypted due to technical restrictions. This may be caused by the file extension, location or other properties.

I even tried to place the main file folder that was on my desktop into another folder so it was basically a sub-folder itself and I still get the same error.

As I explained, this was simply a new file folder that I created to contain the two sub-folders which contain my files. Why will axcrypt not allow me to encrypt wither the main fil folder on my desktop OR the two sub-folders located within the main folder?

I hope to resolve this as one of my main needs is to secure the folders in addition to the files contained in them. Thank you for your assistance.