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Tien Pham

For some reason, my first reply went to nowhere! I didn’t see it on the forum!

Basically, your argument is valid if and only if (iff) it’s on different PC/laptop. For example, if I am  on PC A and encrypt a file. Another party is on PC B, and yeah, that party can’t read my doc.

But if that party is on the same PC A as I am, that party can decrypt my doc, read or copy it (because I have signed in all these time). And that occurs very quick, you are talking about millisecond range, without me knowing it.

That happens in today’s internet. The ad agencies track you down for tailoring the ads to your preference. They execute their codes on YOUR PC (PC A), having used your own expense!

In my case, I have been tracked heavily. Whatever I do, visit a website, download a video on YouTube, you name it, everybody knows. So I have to encrypt my files. But recently, I find that Axcrypt has a flaw!

The flaw is, if I sign in, and keep signing in, I run into the scenario of dealing EVERYTHING on my laptop. Thus, encryption is virtually useless! My files can still be read or copied!

I have try temporary signing out, but that is not so convenient, because I turn on-off the internet connection very often, in order not to establish any internet connection, so that I can not be tracked!

For example, if I have to write something using Word, I turn off the internet connection, write it, then move the doc to an external drive, then delete the doc on PC A, and then turn on the internet.

By signing out, I have to sign in again, which is very inconvenient!

I think asking for password (as default) for every decryption is the best solution right now. NOBODY can read or copy my files because they don’t know my password!