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Prabhukumar R

Hello Florian,

This might be because of some other third party applications are not allowing the AxCrypt app to run. Please try to check any firewall or antivirus software’s are blocking the AxCrypt app or not? If blocked, please add the AxCrypt app in the app’s whitelist.

also check, AxCrypt application is running in the background(not sure). Please check the task manager AxCrypt is running or not? If running means, stop the AxCrypt app. Then start the AxCrypt app. Now it’s working.

Still, you are facing any issue please follow the below steps.

Please delete the folder(%LocalAppData%\AxCrypt(C:\Users\’User Name’\AppData\Local\AxCrypt) to clear the local cache and starts the AxCrypt app like a new.

Then uninstall the AxCrypt app and install the latest version of the AxCrypt app. You can download the same from our official website:  .

Now install the AxCrypt app and try to start AxCrypting……

Still, If you found any issues or error alerts, You can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

For complete error report, Please follow the detailed instructions here: .

Still, you are facing any issue, please provide detailed information about the issue and write a mail to We are happy to help you.