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The only way I know how to get axcrypt to prompt me for a password every time i access a file  is either pay for premium and specify the shortest time table before it auto signs you out or to manually sign out as soon as i’m done viewing/updating an encrypted file. since i’m cheap and dont pay for premium, i manually log in and out every time i access any encrypted file.

This is of course where some people believe if someone has a data logger installed(unbeknown to the user) then by repeatedly typing in your password overtime, they will have your password. For this i keep most of my files on a usb stick where it lives in my pocket until i need to access a file on it. So my paranoid logic is in the event they get my password, they would need to wait until i use my usb drive to get access to my encrypted files. I also tend to only use said usb drive when using a paid vpn as well. not sure if it helps but makes me feel a little better