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In regards to what Svante’s posted in Nov, are you stating that since “Axcrypt is open source and the algorithms are public” that in the event a 2FA gets implemented you would have disclose this via source code? Meaning that Axcrypt aversion to wanting to implement a 2FA and or use one that is already available, is that you would have to let other ‘coders’ see this in the source code?

You also mentioned that “It is trivial to bypass” referring to cracking 2FA. This means to me that you agree its adds a 2nd level but that its ‘trivial’ for some people to bypass. If adding a 2FA makes even the light hearted hacker try harder to get in, then i dont see how this is an issue. Yes is would be work on your end to implement a 2FA but its better than stating, “Well since they have access to my house, i’ll give them access to my car too.” If a few more “locks” in my “house” makes it more difficult for them to steal what i have, i would want as many locks as i can put on my doors regardless if it’ll only delay them from getting to my stuff. in the delay in getting in or access, i could be alerted to their presence.

Perhaps if a 2FA was implemented, and someone was trying to get in, an email could be sent to said user alerting us of an ‘attempt to access’ and it would be a fighting chance for me to pull the data before someone steals it from me.