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Prabhukumar R

Hello Mac,

Please check your mobile enable the internet connection or not. If not Please connect to the internet connection your mobile.

If yes means, Please check your email address is typing correctly or not? Correct means, Please type your AxCrypt password (upper and lowercase) correctly in the password filed box.

We have literally hundreds of thousands of users a succeed in signing in, both using the app and the web.

I think you perhaps are not careful enough when you type the password – or you are not aware that upper and lower case characters are different, and spaces and accents are significant when typing the password. For example, it seems you are typing your email address differently with upper and lower case when signing in to the web and the app

Please note: AxCrypt mobile app will not work without a premium subscription. For AxCrypt mobile apps, AxCrypt Premium Subscription required.

Still, you are facing any issue, please write a mail to We are happy to help you.