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Harvey kelly

I have the same problem as the above people. The program appears to forget the password. I have never changed the password. It worked since I started using it. Now I get the dreaded wrong password when I type in the correct password. Since I can show the password I know that I am typing it in correctly. I have never changed the password but now it will not accept the old password. There is a problem if people keep posting the same problem that the program no longer accepts what the user knows to be the password. It is quite annoying. The password I use is written and I keep it. I have files that I have encrypted with the known password. Now it tells me that its the wrong password. It seems that you guys have not acknowledge that there is a problem with the way you set this thing up. Personally I do not see the reason to be online when encrypting files or decryption files. If online messes up how the program works and forgets or changes the password that I never initiated then that is a problem. If I do not want to go online there is no reason for you program to force me to. I believe it is your program that is misbehaving in ways that is suspicious.