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Prabhukumar R

Hello Charles,

If you have updated the encrypted files contents and which is pending for re-encryption.

I think (not sure) you are not closed to the file and corresponding application please try to clear the local cache file in the below way, then test the same file again(Please close all the instances of the file and corresponding application). still, if you are facing any issue. Please let me know.

Please check the folder(C:\Users\”User Name”\AppData\Local\AxCrypt). If you found any subfolders inside the AxCrypt folder, take a back up of those folders. Then clean the local cache by the below-described way.

Please delete the folder %LocalAppData%\AxCrypt(C:\Users\’User Name’\AppData\Local\AxCrypt) to clear the local cache and starts the AxCrypt app like a new.

If the above does not help, Please send the complete error report with some screenshots of the exceptions, so that we will try to troubleshoot the same as soon as possible.

You can also send the complete error report to troubleshoot the issue. Please follow the detailed instructions to take the complete error report: .

Still, you are facing any issue, please provide detailed information about the issue and write a mail to We are happy to help you.