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Is there a way I can see who received encrypted files that were shared with a key? I’m concerned that someone used AxCrypt’s key sharing function without my knowledge to gain access to files.

When I open AxCrypt, it lists “recent files.”

Most of this list contains the file names of encrypted files from a period in 2019. Some of them are private and legal in nature.

When I place the cursor on the file name, I receive a message stating:

“The file key has been shared with other AxCrypt users.”

But I have never shared a file key with another user. I do not want the key shared.

Even though I have the free edition, under options, I  can choose “export my public sharing key” which also contains my email address.  Is there a way I can permanently disable all key sharing — to and from, in every direction?

I want the files to remain private on my computer.

Also, is there a way I access see a list of the individuals who received the “shared” files?