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Prabhukumar R

Hello Richard Long,

Please use the latest legacy version(1.x) The latest legacy version does not have open candy.

You can download the latest legacy version(1.x) of AxCrypt app by using the URL: 

In your system you are already installing the legacy version, Please remove the all legacy version then restart the system. now you can download the above version then install the same.Please check the same again.

Now you use the legacy version without any problem.

AxCrypt app(2.x) will not update the modified datetime of the encrypted files unless we update the file contents.

If we are any updates in the encrypted files, then AxCrypt will update the last modification datetime. Actually, we have added an additional colmun to kepp track the last modification datatime in the recent files list.

We are stopped developing new features and fixing issues for the legacy version(AxCrypt 1.x). we will not be actively developing 1.x, nor will support be a priority.we will suggest you to use the latest AxCrypt 2.x app.

If you are asking any other quires, you can feel free to contact our support via .