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Colin Hoppe

I’m not sure whether what you suggest is relevant.  None of the files were new.

However, I can probably tell you something more about what happened …

I’ve been using Axcrypt for years and it’s been fine.

I simply installed this new version without uninstalling the old version.  This has worked fine previously, but for this new version, something is different and this is why it gave me error messages.

Anyone installing from scratch, with the new version, has to (not quite sure I remember correctly now, but …) create an account and provide an an email address.

Well I already had an account from years back, but the problems went away after I logged in (which I never do ordinarily) – and probably gave or confirmed, my email address.

In other words, the new version expects something that previous versions did not ie an account and a need to log in.

Since I logged in, the error messages stopped and it’s all been fine.