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This is Svante from AxCrypt!

Not sure I understand the situation. Have you seen and followed the instructions on how to get started in the video here: ?

You need to register your e-mail, verify your e-mail with the 6 digit verification sent to that address, then set a password for your AxCrypt ID and use that to sign in to AxCrypt 2 with. During this processs you need Internet access, but after that AxCrypt 2 does not need Internet, so all operations can be done offfline.

AxCrypt 2 will minimize if you ask it to, but it will open up if you request it or if it needs your input for a password for example.

Although this might seem like annoying for an old 1.7 users, once you get it set up it’s really much more convenient than the old way. You have one password for all files, and you can change that password without the need to re-encrypt all the files etc. If you are sharing encrypted files, each one uses their own private password.

We’re working on a guide and possibly some added features to make migration from version 1.x even easier.